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How to insert an image in Word without moving text

Some people have a problem when they insert an image in Word without moving any text in the document. As a result, images and text start moving around in Word, and nothing seems to be in the right place. This article will help keep the pictures or text from shifting around in Word. Therefore, you should look at the different methods to lock an image in Word.

How to insert an image in Word

If you want to insert an image in Word without moving text, you should follow the steps below. In our example, we want to insert a picture between the first and second paragraphs.

First, put your mouse cursor on where you want your image to appear, as shown in the picture below. This is the place where your image will be inserted.

Insert picture in Word without moving text

Then, follow the steps below to insert an image in Word correctly:

  1. Go to Insert in the ribbon
  2. Then, click on Pictures
  3. Choose > This Device if you have the image on your pc
how to insert an image in word without moving text

Now the Insert Picture box opens up in your Word document.

  • First, you need to select your image
  • Then click > Insert

The picture is inserted automatically into your Word document. Remember that when you insert an image in Word, it will come in the same format as it was saved. So if you used any editing software to rotate the picture vertically, it would insert vertically.

insert image in Word without moving text

Choose the correct wrapping style

It is essential to check whether you have chosen the correct wrapping style. You can decide how your image interacts with the text in Word. Look into Microsoft’s explanation to wrap text around a picture to understand the different layout positions.

Insert the picture in Line with Text

There are several ways to keep your image in place in Microsoft Word. In our example, we want the image to stay between these two paragraphs no matter what we edit in the Word document. And, every time you edit text, the picture starts moving along.

The picture in our example is inserted In Line with Text by default. It means that the picture is on the same line as the text and is considered a large character. You can move the image by clicking on it once and dragging it to another place in your text. You can also change its size by using one of these white bullets around the image, as shown below.

insert picture in Word change size

If your image is not in line with the text, please read further to see how it is done. We will show you the easiest way to change the picture to In Line with Text.

  • Right-click on the image
  • Choose > Wrap Text
  • Then select > In Line with Text

There is no need to create space between paragraphs if you choose the correct wrapping style. Otherwise, you will keep editing the picture to keep it in place. Please, read further to understand the different wrapping styles and how to choose the best method.

select in line with text

Image with text wrapping

Text wrapping options make it easier to get the layout you desire when you insert an image in Word. Depending on your default settings and wrapping styles, the picture will sometimes come behind the text or in the middle. For example, the image is in front of the text in the picture below. You can change this wrapping style easily.

moving an image in word

You can modify it easily if you want the text to appear next to the picture. We changed it to another wrapping style called square, as shown in the picture below.

moving an image in word

The easiest method to view or change the different wrapping styles is to right-click on an image.

  • Right-click on an image
  • From this context menu > select Wrap Text
  • Then you can choose one of these six wrapping styles.

Just hover with your mouse cursor on each style to see the preview. It will help you choose the best text wrapping style. To understand the different wrapping styles, read this article to learn how to wrap text around an image in Microsoft Word.

Insert image and fix position on page

If you drag an image into your Word document, it can give you trouble with its size and vertical or horizontal positioning. You can also copy and paste the image into your Word document. The safest way to insert a picture into a Word document is to use Insert > Pictures in the ribbon.

Insert pictures in ribbon

Right-click on image to fix position on page

If you are satisfied with the position of your picture in the Word document, you can lock it. Remember that you can only fix the position on page of an image with text wrapping style.

The easiest way to fix the position on the image’s page is to follow these steps:

  • Right-click on an image
  • Select > Wrap Text
  • Choose > Fix Position on Page

Remember that if its anchor moves to the next page, the image will move along. You can lock the anchor of a picture, as explained further in the article.

fix position on page. moving images in word

Check the anchor of the image in Word

If the other methods did not help you stop images moving around in Word, you should check if the image has an anchor in your document. You can see these settings in the Word Options dialog box.

Show anchor in Word document

Open the Word Options dialog box by following these steps:

  • Click on File > More > Options

The Word Options box opens in your document:

  • In the left pane > Click on Display
  • Select > Object anchors
  • Lastly, click > OK
Word options display object anchors

Now you will be redirected to your Word document. Remember that your document should be in Print Layout, like the below picture. Go to View > Print Layout.

View print layout
  • Select the image to see the object anchor
  • Click on the blue anchor
  • Move the anchor to the left of a paragraph
  • Or to the top of the page

When the paragraph moves to page 2, so does the image with its anchor. You can prevent this by clicking the anchor icon and sliding it to the top of the page.

Lock anchor in the layout dialog box

Now follow these steps below to open the Layout dialog box

  • Right-click on the image
  • Click on Size and Position

It will open the Layout dialog box. We want to lock the anchor to stop images from moving around in the Word document.

  • Go to the Position tab
  • Under Options, select > Move object with text
  • Select > Lock anchor
  • Select > Allow overlap
  • Lastly, click > OK

It will keep the text box anchored to the paragraph at the top of the page.

Lock anchor

Check this article about anchors to fix figure caption numbering incorrect in Word.


You have learned how to insert an image in Word without moving text. First, you need to choose the correct wrapping style. The image can be in line with text or with text wrapping. You can lock an anchor to stop images from moving around in Word. If you want to make sure that your picture stays in place as text is added or deleted, then you should fix position on page.

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