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Fix image in Line with Text disappears in Word

By default, Word places an image In Line with Text. It is the standard layout of an image in Microsoft Word. The image is inside a paragraph, but sometimes the image is behind the text and is cut off or disappears. If the image In Line with Text disappears in Microsoft Word, you can fix it. First, you need to see if you did insert a picture from a file. Then you must check the paragraph line spacing if the pictures in Microsoft Word disappear. This article will make your images in line with the text reappear. 

Fix image in Line with Text disappearing in Word document

The default Word settings for images are In line with Text. It means that the picture is considered a large character. Word places your image wherever you positioned the cursor. How is it possible that an image disappears or is cut off in a Word document when you insert it?

Insert picture from the device

Before you do anything, you need to put your mouse cursor where you want to see the picture. The best approach is to save a picture on your device to avoid errors. Then, you must ensure that you inserted the picture from a file.

Follow the steps below to insert a picture from your PC:

  1. Go to Insert in the ribbon
  2. Then, click on Pictures
  3. Choose > This Device

Now you can select the image from your PC and click on Insert. The image should insert into your Word document. Be aware that when you insert an image from a folder into your Word document, it will position at your last mouse cursor.

microsoft word image disappears

Solution 1: Check the paragraph line spacing

When you insert a picture into your Word document, use the correct way; Insert > Picture > This Device. Then, check if your image is still In Line with the Text. Read this article to understand how to insert picture in line with text in Word.

Please read the following solutions if your image is behind the text and cut off. The problem might be the paragraph line spacing properties.

fix image in line with text disappear in Word

First, we need to open the paragraph dialog box and check the settings. Follow the steps below to open the paragraph dialog box:

  • Right-click in the paragraph you want your image to be
  • Select Paragraph

Look at the below picture to see how to do it.

fix image in line with text disappear in Word

Or you could use another way to open the Paragraph dialog box:

  • In the Home tab
  • Go to the Paragraph group in the ribbon > click on the line spacing icon
  • Select Line Spacing Options
microsoft word image disappears

Follow the steps to change the settings in the Paragraph dialog box:

  • Go to the tab > Indents and Spacing
  • Under > Line spacing
  • If the value is Exactly > Click on the arrow and change it to something else
  • Click OK

If the paragraph line spacing is Exactly, then the picture can disappear. So, in our example, we changed it into Multiple. But you can change it to anything else, as long as it is not Exactly.

Change value to exactly indents and spacing

Solution 2: Fix the image In Line with Text line spacing

If the above solution did not solve your problem, you might want to try the second solution.

Keep the image as the default In Line with Text.

  • Go to the Home tab
  • Under Paragraph group > Click on the Line Spacing icon
  • From this dropdown selection > Choose 1.0

It will automatically make the image reappear just below the text as you want it.

fix image in line with text disappear in Word


Fix image In Line with Text disappears in Microsoft Word. You can solve this problem by checking the paragraph line spacing. Pictures in Microsoft Word should not disappear like that. You can also make them reappear by selecting 1.0 line spacing.

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