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How to make a PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide show program that can be used for visual presentations. Learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation for beginners. You can add images, text, videos, and much more to your slides. Read more on how to create a PowerPoint presentation with pictures in your slides.

Create a PowerPoint presentation for beginners in steps

Creating a PowerPoint presentation is an excellent way to engage people with your topic. A good presentation always starts with the visual experience people get from it.

1 – Blank presentation

First, you want to open PowerPoint and select a Blank Presentation, which can be found in Home.

Or you can click on File > find it under New.

blank presentation in powerpoint

2 – Choose a design theme

Click on Design > go to the Themes section. Click on the arrow next in the themes section to view the entire selection. Put your mouse cursor on each one of them to see how it looks on your slide. It is essential to choose the same theme on each slide to show consistency.

If you don’t like any of these themes, you can see Design Ideas for your presentation on the right pane. You can choose the one you like best. Remember that you can always make your customized variants.

how to create a powerpoint presentation

Alternatively, you can choose a background color for all your slides without any theme design. Do this by right-clicking on the edges of your slide and not on the title or subtitle boxes. Click on Format Background, and the pane will open on the right side.

In the Format Background pane, you can choose the Fill > Pick the Color you like > Then click Apply to All.

format background

3 – First slide in PowerPoint presentation

Start by writing your text in your title and subtitle of your first slide, known as the Title Slide. The layout of the first slide can be different from the rest of your slides.

powerpoint presentation tips

4 – Add new slides in PowerPoint presentation

Go to Home > Then click on New Slide and choose the layout you like to use. We recommend using Title and Content when presenting a subject with some text or pictures. Of course, you are free to choose any slide. Write some information about the topics you find interesting.

Each slide’s content should be between 6-8 lines, which are equivalent to 30 words. Use one type of font when writing text in your slides. The size of the font should be a minimum of 24 pt.

title and content slide

5 – Add a picture to slide

Add a few more slides with some pictures. Press Ctrl + C on the keyboard to copy the image you want to insert en Ctrl + V to paste it on the slide.

Or you can add an image by clicking Insert in the tab > Then click on Pictures and select wherefrom you want to insert the picture.

insert picture in powerpoint

6 – End presentation

Always make an ending in your PowerPoint presentation. This last slide can have a different layout as you will not write a lot of text. We recommend you use the layout Section Header or Title Only. You can write: Any questions or comments? An example of the last slide could look like the picture below.

last slide

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Now you know how to make a PowerPoint presentation in steps. This article showed you how to create a PowerPoint presentation with pictures in your slides.

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