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How to insert a citation in APA format

Every time you use a quote in your Word document, you are required to add a citation. Most universities and colleges recommend APA 6th edition, but you are free to use any style you like to reference a book. This article will show you how to insert an APA 6th edition citation format in Word. You will also learn how to add the same citation a few times in your document and add it automatically.

Insert APA 6th edition citation format

The APA 6th edition citation is the most widely used style for references in essays by academic institutions. It is recommended that you add a citation at the end of a sentence or text in your Word document. Therefore, you want to start by putting your cursor at the end of your text before inserting a citation.

  • Click on References in your Word document
  • Then go to Citations & Bibliography group in the ribbon
  • Click on the arrow next to Style > select APA
apa 6th edition citation format
  • Then click on Insert Citation
  • Select Add New Source

It will open the Create Source dialog box, where you can create the source.

apa 6th edition citation format

Insert APA 6th edition book citation

To insert a citation in a document, you have to do the following steps in Create Source.

Step 1 – Type of Source. If you used a quote from a book and want to reference it, you have to start by clicking on the arrow and selecting Book.

Step 2 – Bibliography Fields for APA. You don’t have to type in all the lines, but the most important is the Title or Author in this case. If you have multiple authors, you can easily click on Edit and type in the authors’ first, middle, and last names.

Step 3 – Tag name. Every new citation you create will have a different tag name. You can type a unique tag name, so you can easily find it among the other citations.

Step 4 – Click OK

Now you know how to insert an APA 6th edition book citation. The below picture is an example of how to reference a book with two authors in APA format.

how to create source

Insert citation automatically in Word

Once you have completed the above steps, you can automatically use the citation you have inserted before.

  • Click on References > then click on Insert Citation, and choose the source.

You can easily click on the source once, and the citation will appear like the below picture in your Word document.

insert citation

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You learned how to insert citation APA style in a Word document. Once you create a new source, you can easily find it again under References > Insert citation. It is easy to make an APA 6th edition book citation. Now you know how to automatically use the same citation you created for your reference in a Word document again.

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