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How to create headings in Microsoft Word

When you write a document, you will most definitely need to add titles. It is preferable to change these titles into headings, so you don’t have to adjust each title manually. It is easier for the reader to scan through your paper with headings, as it looks more professional. To create a table of content, you will also need headings in your document. In this article, you will learn how to create headings in Microsoft Word.

Add headings

Once you start with a new chapter in your document, you want your title to stand out. You can always change the title’s font type, size, or color, but it takes a lot of time to do that for each title. Therefore, you should change the title into a heading. There are two ways to create headings in Microsoft Word.

Option 1

First, you have to select the title you want to change.

Then go to Home > under Styles section, click on > Heading 1 or Heading 2. It will automatically change into the heading you choose. If you want to see more styles, just click on one of the arrows on the right.

How to create headings in Microsoft Word

Option 2

You can also select the title in your Word document and right-click on it. A new box appears and simply click on Styles. Here you can click on the heading you like.

Heading 1 is always the largest and is used for a new chapter in a Word document. Heading 2 is mostly used for the paragraphs under it, because the size is a little smaller. You can always add more headings, but I recommend a maximum of three headings.

How to create heading styles in Microsoft Word

How to show all heading styles in Word

If you know how to create headings in Microsoft Word, you can select among different styles. To see the full version of different heading styles, you have to follow these four steps.

Step 1: Go under Home > then click on the right corner in the Styles section. A new box with styles will appear. First, you will only find the recommended styles.

Step 2: Then click on Options.

Step 3: A new pane appears, called Style Pane Options. Go to the first line (Select styles to show) and choose > All styles.

Step 4: Then click on OK.

Now you should be able to see all the nine headings and more, like the picture below.

How to create heading styles in Microsoft Word

Customize heading style

Once you add a heading, you can easily customize the heading style in Word. If you don’t like the default heading style, you can modify it and create your own heading in Microsoft Word.

First, go to Home and right-click on any heading in the Styles section > click on Modify.

Customize heading style in Word

A new box appears, which is called Modify Style.

In the formatting section, you can change the color, font, size, and much more. In the white area below it, you can see the preview. When you are satisfied with the modifications you have made, you can save it by clicking on OK.

How to modify style for headings in Word


Now you have learned how to add headings in a Word document. You can always choose a heading from the recommended styles, but now you also know how to find all heading styles. If you still don’t like the default heading styles, it is also possible to customize the heading style.

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