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How to convert PDF file to Microsoft Word

Learn to convert any PDF file to a Microsoft Word document easily. The Microsoft Word 2013 version and later will do. We will show you the steps to convert a PDF into a Word document so you can edit the results. You can also convert and combine multiple PDF files into one Word document.

Convert PDF file into a Word document

Let’s say that you have a PDF that you want to edit and make some changes. This is possible and very easy to do. First, you need to open Microsoft Word and go to the start page.

Follow these steps to convert PDF file to Microsoft Word:

  • Open Microsoft Word > Home
  • Select and drag the PDF file
  • Drop the PDF file on MS Word
Drag and drop PDF file to convert Word document

So the only thing you need to do is to drag and drop the PDF file into the Microsoft Word start page. Then a message dialog box from Word appears, like the below picture. It says that Word will now convert your PDF to an editable Word document and that it will take a while. If your Word document has a lot of images and pictures, it might not look exactly like the original PDF file. However, you will be able to edit the text.

  • Message box opens > Click OK
Microsoft will convert PDF to editable Word document

Convert and merge multiple PDF files into one Word document

Let’s say you are already in a Word document and want to convert a PDF. Then you can do it another way.

Steps to convert PDF to Microsoft Word:

  1. Click on File
  2. In the left pane > Click on Open
  3. Click on Browse
  4. Find your PDF file and click Open
    • Or double-click on your PDF file

It will convert your PDF to an almost identical Word document.

Browse and open PDF file to Word document

Using the above steps, you can also convert and merge multiple PDF files into one Word document. There is also another option to do this.

Follow the steps below to convert and combine two PDF files into one Word document:

  • Click on the Insert tab in the ribbon
  • Go to the Text group > Click on the arrow next to the object icon
  • Select Text from File
Insert Text from File
  • Browse for your PDF files
  • Press and hold the Ctrl button to select multiple files
  • Click on Insert

You will get the same message dialog box, which says that it will convert your PDF to an editable Word document. Once you click OK, it will automatically convert both PDF files and combine them into one Word document. The PDF files will merge in the order they appear in the file list.

merge two PDF files into one Word document

Edit and save the Word document as PDF file

You will get the best results if you convert from an original PDF instead of a scanned PDF file. It is because the original PDF is a vector-based file that contains electronic code. Here you can easily change the PDF file’s text after converting it.

PDF file vs MS Word

A scanned PDF file has no electronic code because it is considered an image. It is most likely printed and then scanned, which affects the quality. Generally, the results will not be ideal when you convert such a PDF to Word. Graphics don’t convert well, and a scanned PDF file will be a picture in a Word document. It means that you can’t edit it after you convert it into a Word document.

There could be misplaced things, like pictures, numbers, or text. Usually, you can edit it in Microsoft Word. Then, you can keep it as a Word document or save it as a PDF.

PDF file convert to Word


We have shown you how to change a PDF into an editable Word document. You only need to open your Microsoft Word document and drag your PDF file into it. Then click OK when the message box opens up, and that is it. Later on, you can start editing the Word document and save it as a PDF file again. You also know how to convert and merge two or more PDF files into one Word document.

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