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How to insert video in PowerPoint from YouTube

An easy way to get some attention to your presentation is to add a video to your PowerPoint. Read this article and learn how to insert a video from YouTube to PowerPoint step by step. There are three ways to add videos to a PowerPoint from YouTube. Find out which way is the easiest to use for your presentations.

The easiest way to add a video from YouTube is to start by copying the URL link.

Go to YouTube and find a video you like to insert. Then click on it to see the preview.

how to add videos to a powerpoint from youtube

If you like the video, you should go to the URL link at the top. Click on the link in the address bar, and it becomes a blue color. Now you can copy the link by right-clicking on it. You can also press CTRL + C on your keyboard.

how to add videos to a powerpoint from youtube

Once you copied the YouTube link, you can go into your PowerPoint and select the slide you want to show the video. Now you can paste the link into the slide you selected in your PowerPoint presentation. Right-click in your slide and select Paste or press CTRL + V on your keyboard. Remember to press the spacebar after you paste the link, so it becomes a blue-colored hyperlink.

Go to the link in your PowerPoint slide and press CTRL on your keyboard, so the mouse cursor changes into a hand. Now Click on the blue-colored hyperlink with your mouse cursor at the same time to open the video in a web browser.

This is the easiest and fastest way to add videos to PowerPoint from YouTube. But the downside is that the video will play from YouTube and not from your PowerPoint. Some people are okay with that, especially if you want to play the entire video. If you are going to customize the video or play it from a specific timeframe, you should try the next option.

add link from youtube in your powerpoint slide

If you copied the URL link from a YouTube video as shown earlier, you could use the link differently. There is an option in PowerPoint where you can see the video you have inserted. We will show you how to add a video to PowerPoint by inserting the URL link in a few steps.

  • Copy the URL link from the YouTube video you like to insert.
  • Now go to your PowerPoint and click on any slide you want to insert your video.
  • Then go to Insert in your top bar.
  • Click on Video in the ribbon on the far right.
  • Now select Online Video.

how to add a video into powerpoint from youtube

The box Online Video will appear on your screen. Here you have to enter the video’s URL link by right-clicking on the white bar and select Paste. You can also press CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste the link. Then click on Insert. The video will show up on your selected slide.

Enter URL for the Online video

Now you have successfully inserted a video in your PowerPoint presentation slide, using the URL link. You can also adjust the video size, but remember to click on the video first. The video will have eight bullet points on the edges. Place the mouse cursor on one of the bullets to make the video bigger or smaller. Or drag the video to another place on the slide. There are more options to make changes in the video. First, you have to click on the video and go to the Video Tools at the top.

In Video Tools > Click on Format, where you can customize the video’s design, style, or size. There is also an option to crop the video size on the far right of the ribbon.

Format in video tools

3. Add video to PowerPoint from YouTube embed code

You can also use the embed code of a video to insert it into your PowerPoint. First, you have to go to the YouTube video you want to choose. Click on the video you want to insert > Then click on Share. A new box opens in the middle > There, you have to click on the icon Embed.

Use the embed code from YouTube

A new box opens where you only have to click on COPY, as shown in the picture below. It will copy the embed code automatically.

embed video

Now you can go to your PowerPoint slide and insert the video the same way as you would insert the URL link. Choose a slide > Click on Insert in the top bar > Then click on Video in the ribbon > Now select Online Video.

The box Online Video opens up, and there you can enter the embed code. Right-click on the white bar and select Paste or press CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste the link. Then click on Insert, as shown in the picture.

embed code to insert video

Now you have added a video to PowerPoint from an embed code. You know how to add videos to a PowerPoint from YouTube, but you can also make some adjustments. Click on the video to see Video Tools at the top. Then click on Playback to set when to start the video. Most of the options are greyed out because you can’t edit a YouTube video. You can decide when to start the video in the Video Options. It is easy to play or stop the video because you can use all the YouTube buttons at the video’s bottom. You can also watch the video on YouTube by clicking on YouTube’s logo in the bottom right corner of the video.

Add videos to Powerpoint


Now you can easily add a video from YouTube into your presentation. You do need an internet connection when presenting because you do not have the video from a file. You know how to insert video in PowerPoint from YouTube. The fastest way is to copy the URL link from the YouTube video and paste it into your slide. The easiest way is to insert a video into your PowerPoint slide is to use the URL link or embed code. The presentation looks better when you have a video inserted in your slide instead of a hyperlink.

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