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Fix weird hyperlink brackets in Microsoft Word

When you copy and paste a hyperlink into your Word document, it should turn blue after pressing the space bar. Sometimes you see weird hyperlinks in brackets with the text HYPERLINK and URL link. These hyperlinks in brackets are not working in Microsoft Word. However, the hyperlinks look normal if you have the Word document in print preview. Find out what this means and how to solve this issue. Read this article to understand how to fix the hyperlinks field codes in a Microsoft Word document.

First, you need to know how to add a hyperlink in Word. If you add a hyperlink and put the URL link in the correct line, the hyperlink will show up differently. Look at the example below. You will see a bracket { followed by the text HYPERLINK, with symbols the entire URL link and a closing bracket }.


Show hyperlink with brackets in Word

The easiest way to remove these brackets and text is to use a shortcut. Try the keyboard shortcut to remove hyperlink brackets.

  • Press Alt + F9

Remember that pressing Alt + F9 again should toggle back to the original state.

Fix weird hyperlink brackets in Microsoft Word. Hyperlink blue color.

If you don’t want to show a hyperlink with brackets in Word, you can also use the following shortcut. On some keyboards, you may have to use FN and the function keys:

  • Press Alt + Fn + F9
  • Or Shift + Fn + F9

If it does not work, try selecting the HYPERLINK field and press Shift + F9. It usually does work for the entire Word document.

There is another way of resolving the problem. Even if you copy a text with hyperlinks and paste it into your Word document, it may look different. The text looks weird, and all the hyperlinks have brackets. They are called hyperlink field codes.

hyperlinks in brackets in Microsoft Word

If you click on the print preview, the hyperlinks are blue and look normal. To see the Word document in print preview, you should click on File in the left corner. It will direct you to the main Word document. Next, click on Print in the left pane. Your Word document appears on the right side in the print preview. Again, the text and hyperlinks look normal.

Print preview show hyperlink without brackets in Word

Luckily, you can change the hyperlinks back to normal instead of brackets. Follow these steps below to show values instead of field codes. First, we want to open the Word Options box in your Word document.

Go to File > (More) > Options

This will open the Word Options box.

  • In the left pane, you click on Advanced
  • Then scroll down to the section > Show document content
  • Look for the option > Show field codes instead of their values
  • Uncheck the box in front of it
  • Lastly, click OK

This will return all your hyperlinks back to normal in your Word document.

Word Options show field codes instead of their values


You don’t want to show a hyperlink with brackets, so you found the solution to fix weird hyperlink brackets in Microsoft Word. If the hyperlinks are not working in Word, it is because you have to change the field codes. You can also remove the brackets in hyperlinks by pressing Alt + F9 in Microsoft Word.

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