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How to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a Word document

You can convert your PowerPoint presentation, including the notes, into a Word document. We will guide you to convert your PowerPoint slides into a Word document. This article shows you step by step how to export the file, select a page layout, and save the PowerPoint presentation as a Microsoft Word document. It is also possible to edit or print the handouts in Microsoft Word.

How to export PowerPoint presentation to Word

You don’t need a converter to do any of these steps. All these steps can be done in Microsoft PowerPoint & Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. Open your PowerPoint presentation and follow the steps below.

Save and export the PowerPoint slides into Word:

  • Open PowerPoint > Go to File
Click file in PowerPoint
  1. From the left pane > Click on Export
  2. Select > Create Handouts
  3. On the right > Click on Create Handouts
export powerpoint to create handouts Word

You will be redirected to your PowerPoint presentation, where the Save to Microsoft Word dialog box opens. Here you should select how the handouts will look.

Page layout in Microsoft Word:

  1. Select a page layout > Notes below slides
  2. Add slides to Microsoft Word document > Paste
  3. Click OK

The presentation opens as a Word document in a new window with the selected options. In our example, the notes are available under the slides. If there are no notes for a slide, then it will be blank. See the example in the below picture.

After you convert the Powerpoint to a Word document, you can:

  • Save the Word file
  • Edit the content of the slides or notes
  • Print the handouts
PowerPoint convert to Word

Convert different PowerPoint handouts to Microsoft Word

There are five different layouts when you want to convert your PowerPoint slides into a Word document. In addition, Microsoft has explained how to edit or print PowerPoint handouts in Word.

  • Notes next to slides
    • There will be three slides on the left of the page.
    • The notes will be on the right side of the page, next to each slide.
    • The right side will be blank if you have no notes for a slide.
notes next to slides handout microsoft word
  • Blank lines next to slides
    • There will be three slides on each page with lines next to them.
    • Perfect for writing small notes next to each slide.
    • No notes. Not suitable if you already have written notes in a PowerPoint presentation, as they will not be visible.
blank lines next to slides in Microsoft Word handouts
  • Notes below slides
    • The top half of the page will be your slide, and the bottom half of the page will be the notes.
    • The bottom page will stay blank, if a slide does not have any notes.
Notes below slide Word create handouts
  • Blank lines below slides
    • You will see one slide on the top half of the page and blank lines under it.
    • It is handy if you want to print and write notes to your slide.
    • No notes. Don’t use this option if you have typed notes for your slides, as they will not be visible.
PowerPoint presentation blank lines below slides Word documents handouts
  • Outline only
    • No slides are available, only the content of your slides. The text is written in a bulleted list with the same font and size.
    • No pictures of your slides.
    • No notes. You can’t see your notes nor write any notes.
Create handouts powerpoint presentation outline only in Word document

You can choose between two options when you follow the steps to convert a PowerPoint presentation to Word. How to add slides from a PowerPoint presentation to a Word document.

Add slides to a Microsoft Word document:

  • Paste
  • Paste link

There is a slight difference between them which we will explain. Once you save it as Paste, you will convert the same PowerPoint presentation into a Word document. You can always edit and format your PowerPoint presentation’s content after saving it in a Word document. This option will not affect your Word document.

If you choose to Paste link, you will still convert the PowerPoint presentation to Microsoft Word. Once you save your Microsoft Word document, it will automatically update each time you change something in that PowerPoint presentation.


You have learned how to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a Word document in various page layouts. It is possible to create different handouts of your PowerPoint slides and notes. Then you save the Word document to edit or print the handouts. You can also choose the option paste link, which means your Word document will update when you make changes to your PowerPoint presentation.

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