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APA 6th edition citation in text

APA stands for American Psychological Association, a citation style for referencing information in assignments. APA 6th edition is an author-date style, meaning it is ordered alphabetically by author and chronologically by year of publication. This article will show you how to add, delete, and edit your citations in Microsoft Word. You will also learn how to manage an APA 6th edition in-text citation.

How to manage APA 6th edition citation

You can always manage the APA 6th edition citation in Microsoft Word. You start by going to References > Click on Manage Sources.

manage apa 6th edition citation

A new window (Source Manager) will appear, where you can manage citations. Here you can edit, add or even delete citations.

There are two different lists in the Source Manager. The Master List is on the left, and the Current List is on the right. The difference is that all the sources are first saved in the Master List, but the sources you want to use in your document are available in the Current List. You can easily copy them from the Master List to the Current List and the other way around. Just click on the source you want to transfer and click on Copy-> or <-Copy.

Whenever you want to manage citations, you have to click on the Master List or Current List citation. It becomes blue, and you can click on Edit in the middle. A new box named Edit Source will appear, and this is where you can make changes.

Once you edit the source and click OK, you will get a box that says if you want to update it in both lists. It is better to update sources in both lists to avoid any confusion.

Edit source

Add and delete a citation

There are many ways to manage APA 6th edition citations in Source Manager. You can also add a new citation if you click on New in the middle in Source Manager. A new box appears, like the picture below, where you can create a new source.

create new source

When you want to delete citations from the Master or Current list, select the source in the Source Manager box > click on Delete. Remember that once you delete a citation in the current list, it will not automatically delete it from the master list and the other way around.

Edit APA 6th edition in-text citation

In-text citations include the last name of the author followed by the publication year. Once you have used the citation in your document, you can easily edit it. Click once on the citation in the document. Then click on the arrow, where a list of things shows up > Select Edit Citation.

edit citation

A new box called Edit Citation comes up where you can add the number of pages of the book. You can also remove the author, year, or title and select OK.

edit citation

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Now you know how to edit citations in Source Manager. You can also add a new source and delete it in the Source Manager. You have also learned how to edit APA 6th edition in-text citations in Microsoft Word.

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